Noodler’s V-mail inks

A little bit of history Maintaining morale has always been important for an army in the field, but when the ‘theatre’ is thousands of miles away, proper hand-written letters just weigh too much.  The Allied side in the second world war got around this through a system of photographing letters, shrinking the images down to microfiche, flying these out in bombers and then printing back to readable size.  Us Brits had a version of this system too, but the Yanks had the best name for it; V-mail.  Noodler’s V-mail inks are all named after more-or-less WW2-related themes, and the four featured here (all provided by Pure Pens in the UK) are complemented in the range by memorable names such as Overlord Orange – we’ll see if we can get that one too some day!Mandalay Maroon sample copyMandalay Maroon is a really 1940s shade of dark burgundy purple, and we all love purple, right?  Well, Scribble does, and this one of course featured in the never-ending Too Many Purples collectionMidway Blue sample copyMidway Blue commemorates the interminable Pacific naval battle and the film of the same name, which is almost as long.  This might just be the colour of the ocean in the shallower bits of the Midway Atoll, at a pinch – but it’s certainly a rather nice turquoise-blue.GIGreen sample copyG.I. Green is of course named after the uniforms of the original G.I.s, or general infantry. the difference between light and dark in the shading is just about enough to make for distraction pattern markings if you go really carefully, but we don’t recommend it – it’s rather good for writing with, though.  Ian’s even turned it into a full-blown inkling.North African Violet sample copyNorth African Violet hits a celebratory note at the end of this brief campaign, and was also an earlier candidate in the long competition for ‘Best Purple’.  There is such a flower as African Violet, and the ‘North’ bit is presumably a coded reference to all that slogging-away in the desert between Rommel and Montgomery.  It’s a bit of a belter.Ruth's V-mail samples

Where to get hold of them This range of four is available straight from Pure Pens, who kindly provided us with test samples – you can buy their sample pots too, and it’s a great way of trying out some more of the Noodler’s range before diving-in to a full bottle.  If you want that Overlord Orange, or the less appealingly-named Burma Road Brown, you’ll have to send out an Atlantic convoy…

Also see Scribble’s fuller written review, and Ruth’s video review of these four V-mail inks.







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