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UnitedInkdom is a stationery news and reviews site, with a twist; as well as everyday news pieces, it focuses upon ‘meta-reviews’.  That’s loosely related to a meta-analysis, for any scientists reading!  The reviews posted here are compiled from reviews by knowledgeable, experienced fountain pen /ink/paper obsessives who have already carried out their own original reviews.  Together, those combined reviews point to the main features about any product which you really need to know about; the things which unite us (like the brilliance of a nice italic nib) and, just occasionally, the things we don’t quite agree about (like Platignum vs. Platinum).

The founding reviewers were all based in the UK, hence the rather bad pun which we chose as the site’s name.  It seemed like, well, a good idea at the time. But we tried to make everyone welcome.

About us

We’re all amateur reviewers who wanted to share our aesthetically pleasing (and occasionally expensive) enthusiasms with the wider world, and found that our own individual reviews are even more useful if carried out in parallel with similarly keen collaborators.  If you’d like to see what we are still getting up to on our own, you’re also very welcome to explore our individual blog sites/channels at:

How to contact us

We’d love to pretend that hand-written notes, sent by carrier pigeon, are the only way to go.  But leaving aside the quill for just a moment, we’d be very happy to hear from you via the contact form

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