About the site

UnitedInkdom is a stationery news and reviews site, with a twist; as well as everyday news pieces, we do meta-reviews.  That’s loosely related to a meta-analysis, for any scientists reading!  The reviews posted here are compiled from reviews by knowledgeable, experienced fountain pen /ink/paper obsessives who have already carried out their own original reviews.  Together, those combined reviews point to the main features about any product which you really need to know about; the things which unite us (like the brilliance of a nice italic nib) and, just occasionally, the things we don’t quite agree about (like Platignum vs. Platinum).  In time, we hope this will be the go-to site to consult before pressing the ‘buy’ button.

The founding reviewers were all based in the UK, hence the rather bad pun which we chose as the site’s name.  But everyone, anywhere in the world, is welcome to join in with the fun!

About us

We’re all amateur reviewers who wanted to share our aesthetically pleasing (and occasionally expensive) enthusiasms with the wider world, and find that our own individual reviews are even more useful if carried out in parallel with similarly keen collaborators.  If you’d like to see what we get up to on our own, you’re also very welcome to explore our individual blog sites/channels at:

For readers

Is there a pen or ink which  you’re contemplating acquiring, but would like to see a detailed, authoritative (or at least benignly opinionated) review of first?  Let us know!  If we can beg or borrow a review unit or three, we’ll give it the full treatment and let you know what  you can expect.  We don’t charge for that service, but then again no-one pays us either, so any help is appreciated – some of those pens are expensive beasts…

For reviewers

We always want to reach out to a wider pool of collaborators – and when ‘pen people’ are so resoundingly splendid, why wouldn’t we?  Our focus is on the UK and thereabouts mainly, but if you’re a full-on enthusiast/blogger and just can’t help yourself, we’d love to collaborate, wherever you are.  All we ask of potential contributors is that you have chosen your own way of reviewing and are up for sharing the results on-line.  We’ll also do our best to advise and assist if you’d like to join the ‘club’ and are working out how to get started.

For pen retailers/manufacturers

If you have produced, or are promoting, fountain pens or related products which you feel really deserve a wider audience, we would love to hear from you.  Candour and impartiality are important to us, so we don’t look for direct payment to write reviews.  But when we’re impressed by a pen, you’ll be welcome to link to posts on the site – and in the unlikely event of there being a problem with anything we test, we’ll let you know about it first so that readers get to hear about the solutions too.  We think that companies who are confident about their products have nothing to lose from this.

How to contact us

We’d love to pretend that hand-written notes, sent by carrier pigeon, are the only way to go.  But leaving aside the quill for just a moment, we’d be very happy to hear from you via the contact form

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