August give-away!

This month it is a lovely Faber Castell E-motion fountain pen with black parquet finish that is up for grabs.


To be eligible to take part, all you have to do is be based in the UK and correctly answer some questions about the pen. All the information will be found on either the Faber Castell website or in one or more of the United Inkdom blog review posts. Check out the United Inkdom meta-review for the a quick start!


Question 1: Which lovely company supplied us with our Faber Castell pen?


Question 2: What date is engraved onto the pen lid?


Question 3: What is the name of the LEAST expensive Faber Castell fountain pen on the FC site?


Question 4: How many employees to Faber Castell have, worldwide?


Question 5: How many choices of nib width do you have with the E-motion (black parquet)


Question 6: Does the E-motion come with a converter?


Question 7: (You’ll need to have the answer for Question 1 correct for this!) What price is the E-motion by Faber Castell currently on sale for on our pen supplier’s website?

Got all your answers? Good! Get them e-mailed off to by  6pm on the 31st of August 2018. A winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by the end of the following week.

Good luck!

One thought on “August give-away!

  1. Ah, as you don’t seem to have supplied an email address for entries, I guess this is the most obvious place to post mine, so here I go with my answers.

    1. The lovely folk at Executive Pens Direct supplied your pen.
    2. 1761 is the engraved date
    3. The WRITink is the cheapest F-C fountain pen, currently on offer at £10.95 (super back-to-school bargain!)
    4. They seem to have a staff of around 80000 worldwide – I never realised it was such a big business!
    5.Is this a trick question I asked myself, as there appear to be two answers. F-C list 4 nib widths for the E-motion, from EF to B, but Executive Pens only appear to sell the M nib. So the answer is either 4 or 1 – you choose, you set the question!
    6. Yes, it ships with one included.
    7. £78 (on offer at that price on 08/08/18)

    There, that’s me done. Thanks to you (and presumably Executive Pens Direct) for this give-away.

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